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Night Ghoulery
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A Little....
Night Ghoulery!

Night Ghoulery Group,

Tiny Toons: Night Ghoulery is a little Halloween silliness. 
The Tiny Toon regulars and irregulars
poke fun at Halloween, and at themselves in:
The Telltale Vacuum
Sneezer, the Sneezy Ghost
Devil Dog of the Moore
The Devil and Daniel Webfoot
Hold that Duck!
Night of the Living Dull
Gremlin on a Wing
Here are some screen captures
and sounds, to give you a taste of
what's in Night Ghoulery.

The Telltale Vacuum

Plucky does that maniacal tongue

Would a sane duck do this?

[ghoul06a.jpg] [ghoul07a.jpg] [ghoul08a.jpg] [ghoul10.jpg]

Sneezer the Sneezy Ghost

Furrball in a very confident pose. He's fried in the very next scene, of course...

Furrball does a little ghost-busting.


Devil Dog of the Moore

Babs listens to the strange tale
of the Devil Dog

We don't believe it either, Babs!



Calamity calls for help

Calamity Coyote has a run-in with a big, nasty truck.


The Devil and Daniel Webfoot

Plucky wants to make a deal with the Devil

Plucky goes toe to toe with the Devil over Monty's soul. For a fee, of course...

[ghoul22a.jpg] [ghoul23a.jpg]

Hold That Duck!

Buster and Plucky can't *believe* it was two bits for that hair-cut.

Now what would frighten Plucky more than a closet full of monsters?

[ghoul13.jpg] [ghoul15.jpg] [ghoul16.jpg] [ghoul26a.jpg]

Night of the Living Dull

Sphinxy is bedeviled by a persistent salesman

Oh! The horror! The awful horror!



Elmyra gives Dizzy what for.

Elmyra gives Dizzy a piece of her mind. Secondhand, of course...

[ghoul24.jpg] [ghoul28.jpg] [ghoul36.jpg] [ghoul52.jpg] [ghoul32a.jpg]

Gremlin on a Wing

A Lt. Uhura clone remedies the problem of explosive decompression in an airline cabin.

Plucky Duck does this William Shatner classic to a turn.

[ghoul60.jpg] [ghoul62.jpg] [ghoul63.jpg] [ghoul65.jpg]

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